4 Ways Automation Can Help Stop Candidates From Ghosting Your Staffing Firm

In the current job market, finding quality candidates is harder than ever for staffing firms. What’s even worse is you might think you found a great candidate only to get ghosted during the onboarding process. Ghosting during the hiring process can happen for various reasons. However, there are some things you can do to stop candidates from ghosting your staffing firm.

How to Stop Candidate From Ghosting Your Staffing Firm

Create a Better Candidate Experience

The number one thing automation will do to improve your onboarding process is create a better candidate experience. Many candidates wind up ghosting a position or company because things are taking too long or there is a lack of communication. Utilizing automation technology will speed the process along and keep things more organized. Both of these things will help improve the experience of each candidate overall.

Streamline Paperwork

One way automation can help speed things along during the hiring process is by streamlining the necessary paperwork for new hires. You can have candidates submit their information digitally and store everything digitally as well. Doing this will go much faster than having them print, sign, scan, and return documents. It will be light years faster than having them return anything via snail mail. For your candidates, this will speed things along and make the process much easier.

Regular Communication

Another thing automation can really help your firm with is maintaining regular communication. Many candidates drop out of the application process because they don’t receive proper communication. They often question where they stand in the hiring process. They also can feel the firm is disorganized because of the lack of communication. Automated communication can help send out regular updates on the hiring process, inform them when there are changes, and provide them with additional information as needed.

On top of that, it will help you keep track of key information that needs to be communicated with your candidates as well. For instance, if a candidate needs updated tax documents or needs to update certain certificates, the system will notify you and you can reach out with the necessary information. You can also use the system to send out an automated message when these things need to be updated.

Send Updates or Reminders

In addition to sending out communication when documents and certificates need to be updated, you can send out other updates automatically as well. If a new position opens up that matches specific candidates’ skill sets you can send out a message informing them about the opportunity. Similarly, there are options if you haven’t heard from a candidate in a little while. When this happens, you can send them an automated reminder. This simply lets them know you’re still available to them. Then the candidate has the opportunity to ask any questions or express concerns they may have, making it less likely they’ll ghost you.

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