Simplicity is Key! 6 Tips for a More Simplified Onboarding Process

Simplifying your onboarding process can help you make more placements and attract higher-quality candidates. However, you want to be sure you aren’t cutting too many corners. You still want to get the best candidates and provide the best experience possible. Here are six tips to ensure you simplify your onboarding the right way.

Six Tips For A Better Onboarding Process for Your Staffing Firm

Maintain Communication

Proper communication will always make things more simple. To be successful and effective in your onboarding efforts, your candidates need access to information and consistent communication. Many staffing firms are subpar at maintaining good communication throughout the onboarding process. Much of the communication you provide can be handled through email, but you can also simplify your communication efforts by utilizing human resources automation technology. Using tech like this will help ensure that everyone is being given the same information and set clear expectations.

Automate Compliance

Find ways to use technology and automate compliance tasks. Compliance is a huge part of onboarding and human resources duties especially for staffing firms. You will need to file the proper tax paperwork and document that these things have been taken care of. Poor record-keeping can make or break your organization. Automating the storage of these documents will eliminate this potential issue altogether.

Provide More Effective Training

Consider how you can offer more effective training materials during the onboarding process. You can automatically send out employee handbooks and key information on behalf of your clients. So that candidates are aware of how to work with that company. Implementing certain technology can also help you create training videos that can help engage your candidates from the start. Instead of being forced to sit through long onboarding meetings, they can take the training videos and learn on their own time, which has proven to be more effective.

Get Feedback for Better Insights

Have opportunities to provide feedback built in to your onboarding. This will give candidates the opportunity to give you better insights on your processes. You can ask them how effective the training materials were, if they have any questions, and follow up their experiences. You can also automate this process by having a follow-up email or survey sent to them as they complete their onboarding.

Give More Power to the Candidates

All of this will allow your employees to work through the onboarding process at their own pace. This will help them feel empowered and more engaged all around. It will also keep you from wasting time micro-managing them as they go through the process. When you using automation technology to manage the process, they have more ownership over the process in its entirety. This can help ensure that when they need a new placement they come back to your staffing firm.

Use Automation Technology Wherever You Can

Of course, implementing the use of technology in your firm can help simplify numerous processes. Each of the points above included some type of HR technology, whether it was to communicate with employees, get feedback, or provide better training. Technology is key to simplifying your onboarding process and ensuring everything is cohesive.

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