What Makes Your Staffing Firm Different? 3 Ways to Stand Out

In the competitive job market, attracting candidates and clients is at the top of mind for all staffing firms. Standing out is key to success. These tips can help you stand out, attract higher quality talent and fill more jobs.

How to Make Your Staffing Firm Stand Out

Find Your Niche and Do Research

Some staffing agencies make the mistake of trying to extend themselves across too many industries. This can hurt your ability to serve your clients and candidates. Instead, find a niche to focus on. Having a niche will allow you to focus on specific companies and candidates. It will also allow you to screen candidates more effectively and perform in-depth market research that will serve your clients well.

You should also take the time to research particular industry challenges in your area and be able to discuss them with your potential clients. Offer up ways you can help them address these issues. Don’t forget to also do some research about the client themselves. Get a feel for what their organization stands for, who they are trying to hire, and what their current staff has to say about them. All of this will help you better help them with your staffing services.

Emphasize Your Recruiting Process

Your recruitment process will ultimately be what sets you apart from other staffing agencies. If you are finding quality candidates in new, interesting ways, make that a selling point. Maybe you have special outreach programs to pinpoint potential candidates, assessments that help you find the most qualified individuals, or unique training programs. No matter what it is, find what sets you apart from other firms in your recruiting efforts and sell it.

Don’t forget you should also brand yourself for the candidates. While you serve companies, the candidates you attract are pivotal to your firm’s success. In all reality, your reputation as a staffing agency relies on the candidates you recruit and how they are treated. So, make sure they are given the respect they deserve. They’ll talk to their colleagues about how your firm treated them during the recruiting process and word will get around fast.

Speed to Placement

Another key differentiator when it comes to a company choosing your firm will be how quickly you can place candidates. Placing candidates quickly is hard to do without sacrificing quality, but if you can manage it, it will make you stand out. You can help continue to ensure quality by using automation technology. This will eliminate time-consuming tasks like filing paperwork, receiving documents, scheduling appointments, and sending out communications. Instead, you will be able to focus on more strategic HR tasks.

Not to mention, having more speedy placement will be beneficial to the candidates you serve as well. Instead of being caught in the talent pipeline, they will receive the information they need in an efficient manner. This creates a better experience for them overall, which speaks to your agency’s branding and reputation as well.

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