Is a Lack of Automation Holding Your Staffing Firm Back?

If you are finding that your staffing firm is struggling to grow one of the reasons may be automation. Lack of automation and technology can greatly hurt your ability to land new clients. In our increasingly tech-based world, automation is becoming expected. Here are five reasons your staffing firm needs to consider automation and how it will help your business grow.

Five Ways Automation Can Help Staffing Firms Grow

Support Human Resources With Artificial Intelligence

Recruiting AI is increasing in popularity. Most human resources departments are using it. If they are not currently implementing AI in their own processes, they are considering hiring staffing agencies that are using the tech. For this reason, it is a good idea to start positioning yourself as an agency that utilizes AI.

Become an Innovator

Technology is always moving forward. By staying up to date with the latest and greatest AI you can lead the staffing market as an innovator. You don’t just want to keep up, you want to keep a pulse on everything that is changing too. This will help you create the perception of being an innovator in the market.

Improve Candidate Experience

Not only do you work for clients who need new hires for open positions but you also work for the candidates seeking work. You need to put some time and consideration into their overall experience with your agency as well. Thankfully, automation tools can help you improve candidate experience as well by creating positive engagements with your agency.

AI will help you keep in touch and provide meaningful communication to the candidates in your talent pool. The AI also keeps track of when the best time to reach out is and what each candidate’s preferred method of communication may be. All of this will help improve the experience they have with your agency and make it more likely that they’ll continue working with you. They may even possibly refer other potential candidates in the future.

Be More Efficient

Conversational AI can be used in your staffing agency to make your processes more efficient. For example, some candidates may find they have downtime in between contracts or projects. You can decrease this by setting up AI to reach out to candidates before their contract runs out, updating them on upcoming open positions.

Beyond that, conversational AI will refresh your database with new information. When it reaches out to a candidate, it extracts important data and then updates each candidate profile. This decreases the likelihood of you passing up a qualified candidate due to data not being up to date.

Build a Competitive Advantage

Your ability to fill positions quickly is generally what matters most to your clients. Implementing automation and AI tools will help you do just that. You can become more effective on just about any metric you wish to measure. In the end, conversational AI gives you a competitive advantage over other staffing firms. You will have better results than any firm using traditional recruiting techniques or even traditional recruiting AI.

Interested in AI for Your Staffing Firm? Essium Can Help!

There is no doubt you need technology and automation to thrive in today’s world. Learn more about how Essium’s technology can bring your staffing firm into the future.