Creating a Safe Workplace? 3 Easy Ways for Staffing Firms to Keep Safety in Focus

Making safety a priority is a key to avoiding workplace injuries. Your staffing firm needs to have to ensure you have shared all of the necessary information with the candidates you placed. To include, recognizing when they are doing well, and regularly test their knowledge on safety protocols. Here are three ways to help your staffing firm and employees stay safe.

3 Ways Staffing Firms Can Help Keep Placed Employees Safe

Keep Your Staff Up to Date on Policies

You need to make safety a top priority. As a staffing firm, you can play a vital role in educating your clients and the candidates you place.  To do this, you need to have regular reminders about regulations and policies that need to be followed.

Many businesses keep their staff aware of policies and up to date on any changes by hanging notices throughout the workplace. For instance, if a new OSHA policy has been enacted, you should be sure to send out a message alerting your employees to the changes and then be sure notices are posting throughout your office or work area. By printing out these notices and dropping them off at a client’s business. You can help ensure that the staff that you have placed remains safe. This helps keep clients and candidates aware of what is expected of them to maintain workplace safety. The more educational materials you can distribute the better. Utilizing apps and technology makes this easy. Instead of putting things up physically, you can widely distribute educational materials quickly. Essium’s communication tools can help make this easier than ever.

Offer Rewards for Workplace Safety

Rewards and other incentives will always help encourage the candidates you place to follow the rules. By working with your clients to offer rewards for workplace safety, you might notice that candidates become more aware of safety precautions. You may also notice a decrease in workplace accidents or injuries on the job as well.

A good way to offer recognition is offering a reward of some sort when a milestone is met. For example, if a client’s department or company has gone 30 days without an incident, acknowledge it and provide them with some kind of reward. Some good ideas for rewards include delivering a pizza to that department or company for a workplace party to celebrate. Any of these things shows your appreciation for them adhering to safety protocols in the workplace and will help ensure the good work continues.

Test Your Team’s Knowledge

Your staffing firm should perform regular audits of workplace safety. Simply going to your client’s company and doing a walk through the area where the candidates you placed are working is an easy way of doing this. Your clients will appreciate that you care about how the people you placed for them are behaving. It will also give you a chance to check to be sure they are adhering to protocol. Knowing that they may be checked on will keep your clients and candidates on their toes and ensure they are following safety rules.

Outside of regularly checking on your workers to ensure they are following protocol. You should also test their knowledge of workplace safety. Have a system for testing and conduct reviews on a regular basis. This will ensure they maintain their knowledge and are educated on any changes that take place.

Make Sending Safety Info and Testing Comprehension Easier!

Essium’s Xenqu Communication tools make it easier than ever to send safety materials and tests to confirm comprehension. Contact us to see how you can implement these tools within your organization to create the safest workplace possible.