Speed Matters When Hiring Top IT Talent: 3 Ways to Beat the Competition

The talent shortage in Information Technology (IT) is at an all-time high. It may seem like tech talent is scarce, but there are ways to find the candidates your clients need in a timely manner. Hiring fast and onboarding effectively is key to beating staffing firm competitors to top talent. Make your firm stand out by improving in these three ways.

Faster Onboarding

Moving your candidates through the hiring process and onto onboarding as quickly as possible is incredibly important. Putting potential candidates through multiple interviews that are essentially the same, can put them off of pursuing the job entirely. Be respectful of their time as well. You should be focusing not only on filling your client’s position. You want to make sure you also find a job that is the right fit for the candidate.

Additionally, be sure you are not putting too much pressure on your candidate prior to even giving them a job offer. In the tech industry, many employers make the mistake of requiring too many tests before they ask a candidate for an interview. Working with your clients to understand what exactly they are looking for in a candidate can help you identify a good placement without putting your candidate through multiple tests. You may need to remind a client that too many tests slow the process down but it is another way to turn a candidate off the job entirely. Explain that there are other ways to find candidates that are a good fit. For example, ask your candidates to explain a project they have worked on in the past and the skills necessary to complete the job. This will give you a good idea of their skills.

Visa Sponsorship

Unfortunately, many employers and staffing firms tend to stay away from candidates who require visas to work in the United States. Sometimes the best candidate for your client lives outside of the United States. Being an expert in work visas can help you widen your client’s talent pool. This why having the ability to provide visa sponsorship is valuable. It can offer the client a competitive advantage against other companies and differentiate your firm compared to other staffing agencies. This opens up the entire world’s tech talent for your staffing firm to choose from, literally. It can also help you speed the process up because you will have access to many more qualified candidates than if you stick to a smaller geographic area.

Beyond having a larger talent pool to choose from, being able to provide visa sponsorship can also increase retention rates. Employees who have been offered sponsorship are often intensely loyal to their employers and tend to be hard workers. Not to mention, having more diversity in the workplace can help boost productivity and other business operations as well.

Communication With Candidates

Last, but certainly not least, staffing firm’s working with top IT talent, need to be master communicators. Maintaining clear and open communication with candidates is key to really securing the best employees for your clients. Staffing firms should provide candidates with transparency and lets them know where they stand in the hiring process. Keeping this level of communication will ensure there are no misgivings and won’t give your staffing company a bad wrap at the end of the day. When you don’t communicate well, word gets around and other IT talent will avoid working with you.

Need HR Technology That Will Help Your Staffing Firm Stand Out?

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