Why Staffing Firms Need to Maintain Communication Throughout Employee Life Cycle

Communication between employees and staffing companies should not stop once a placement has been found. Continued communication can help the agency be sure the placement was a good fit. It can also help the employee reach out for any resources needed. Here are tips to keep communication up throughout the employee’s life cycle.

How Staffing Firms Can Keep In Touch With Employees Throughout Their Career

Helps With Success Stories and Lessons

Continuing communication throughout the life cycle of an employee can help staffing agencies potentially learn lessons about what type of employees do well in certain placements. It can also help you feel out what the company’s specific needs are. This is one good reason to communicate through placement and beyond.

Another good reason to continue your communication efforts is that a good placement can provide you with success stories to share with potential clients. If someone you placed with a job is enjoying their work or becomes a full-time long-term employee, it is a good story to share with other clients. It displays that you know what makes a good fit for the company and position. Here are a few ways you can keep communication up.

Set Up a Follow Up System

Make a timeline for communication for employees. Once a placement has been made, give them time to settle into the new position before checking in. You should have a set timeframe for when you are going to follow up and gauge how good a fit the placement is. Have a standardized message you send out for each point of communication. For example, you should have an email template set up and a reminder to follow up with the employee at certain points. Some agencies may do this at 30, 60, and 90 days. Then you may want to space out communication to quarterly reach outs.

Keep It Casual

Remember, you are no longer trying to place them in a new position, so don’t continue trying to sell them on your services. Instead, focus on following up on the experience and sharing career advice. Strictly inquire about their experience with your agency and how the job placement is serving them. Beyond that, you may also consider sending out regular career advice newsletters or similar information to keep them engaged with you on a professional level. This way, if anything about their employment changes, they will know they can contact you about a new placement. However, don’t try to place them in a job unless they are looking. This is bad practice.

Automate Communication

Many staffing agencies continue communication after placement through a newsletter or similar automated communication efforts. Consider how you might be able to automate some type of check-in to maintain communication. You may also consider inviting them to future networking events and other opportunities to connect with your agency and others in the industry as well. There are a number of email marketing programs and email systems that can help you automate this type of contact.

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