3 Keys to Improving the Number of Temporary Employees You Redeploy

Although it is not always an easy task, there is incredible value for staffing firms to redeploy a temporary employee at the completion of their first assignment. Because the individual has already worked with you in the past, they have a good understanding of what their expectations are and already fit into the company culture. It also saves time because a new worker would need to be introduced to the tasks, company, and more. Here are some key things you should focus on when trying to improve your redeployment numbers.

How to Improve Your Staffing Firms Redeployment Numbers

Employee Engagement

Keeping your employees engaged is key when it comes to retaining top talent. As a staffing firm, there is tremendous value in having an engaged workforce. When one assignment ends you will want them to come back to have you help them find their next opportunity.

Do some digging to find out whether your temp employees truly enjoy working with your staffing firm or not. See what things you might be able to do to improve engagement with these individuals and improve their overall experience with your company. Providing a good experience for your workers will improve the number of temporary employees you redeploy.


Proper communication is key when it comes to success in many aspects of running a business, but especially when it comes to retaining temp workers at a staffing firm. When you communicate effectively, they will understand the value that your staffing firm provides them. Responding to candidates and employees in a timely manner can impact their view of your company as a whole and, ultimately, impact whether they want to find additional work with you.

You will also want to provide regular feedback about their work. This will let them know if any improvements need to be made. By communicating with the companies that you send these workers to, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses each employee has. You can then provide additional value by finding them roles that best fit their strengths. They can also provide feedback to you about the company that they worked at as well. This can make sure that you are working with top companies that candidates are excited to work with. Gauge each employee’s satisfaction with their workload as well as the company culture. This will give you a good idea as to whether or not they would be interested in redeployment.

Ease of Reassigning

Another mistake many staffing companies make is making it hard to reassign or redeploy temporary workers. Technology can make this a lot easier. Leverage your staffing technology to identify qualified workers for the assignment at hand. This will help organize all the information you need to redeploy your temp employees in a dashboard setting.

These kinds of systems can also help you identify which employees are ready for redeployment and which are not. For example, some temp workers may have moved on to a new project without the help of your staffing firm. Typically, a temporary employee does not want a project to finish before they have new work to move on to. So, reassigning them before they are done with their current work is the best way to redeploy them. Having technology in place to help you see who will be available and qualified will make the process a lot easier. It will also help you avoid missing any redeployment opportunities when they arise.

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