Losing Candidates or Unable to Fill Job Orders? Why Your Onboarding May the Problem

Candidates are typically eager to get to work. However, a bad onboarding experience can cause a potential star employee to lose interest in an assignment. Losing this candidate can irritate clients, and it can negatively impact your staffing business in several ways. Here are some things to consider when onboarding new hires and how you can make the most of this process.

4 Ways Staffing Firms Can Improve Candidate Experience While Onboarding

Do What You Can Do To Relieve Pressure

There is a lot of pressure on a new employee on their first day and, really, until they get their footing in the company. Do what you can to help relieve any anxiety they may have about the position before the onboarding process. You can do this by making things a little more personal.

Showing a newly placed candidate that your staffing firm is excited for them can be done quickly and easily. If the candidate feels comfortable, consider asking the candidate to take a first-day photo. Your staffing company can congratulate this candidate by sharing that photo on social media sites. Do your best to ease their transition by outlining what they will need to know for their first day. Working with your client and providing a checklist can help ease your candidate’s first day on assignment fears.

Make Onboarding Interactive

 Many staffing organizations have had luck with finding innovative ways to make the onboarding process interactive. In some cases, this may include some games or watching skits to help them better understand their position in the company. Video and training materials are essential to help candidates have all the resources they need to be successful.  Technology from Essium can help you implement programs like this and further automate the onboarding process.

Provide an Understanding of What it Takes to be Successful

It is key to provide any of your new candidates with an understanding of what they need to do to succeed in their assignment. Discuss what typically makes someone that you place successful in their temporary or temp-to-hire role. It is also a good idea to talk to them about their potential career path and how this role can act as a stepping stone as they advance and take new assignments with your staffing firm.

Implement Onboarding Technology into Your Plans

Automate what you can when it comes to your onboarding process. Technology can be a great help when it comes to providing the proper onboarding for your new employees. Not only can you automate more things with the right tech put in place, but it can help newly placed candidates feel more organized. It can also help you keep things consistent across the board for your employees in other assignments, so you know what to expect from the onboarding process.

Looking to Improve Your Candidates Onboarding Experience? We Can Help!

Essium’s technology can help minimize your new hire’s downtime and facilitate their journey towards a satisfying career. Learn more about our technology and how it might be implemented in your staffing organization.