New Year, New Mobile HR Technology Needs

// The Rise of Mobile HR in 2020

The need for mobile optimization is one of the integral parts of workplace technology.  Allowing employees to use their own devices for onboarding creates a connection between the new employee and the hiring company to create a high level of employee engagement almost immediately.

Advantages of mobile HR Technology // Mobile HR carries several benefits:

  1. A more engaged workforce – In today’s workplace mobile communication coupled with access to IM/chat apps are essential, both for collaboration and for workforce management.  Staying connected creates a high level of engagement which creates more employee loyalty and less turnover.
  • Meeting expectations of a younger workforce – The U.S. workforce is becoming younger which is creating new expectations in onboarding and workforce management. The ability to use mobile devices for onboarding and communication is essential in keeping younger workers happy and engaged.
  • Remote onboarding – A challenge that companies face today is how to gain greater connectivity with a regional, national or global remote workforce. This becomes especially important when onboarding new employees at remote worksites. The I-9 process, collecting federal, state and local forms, credential verification and tracking require an on-site agent, preferably one that has experience in processing onboarding documents. 
  • Anytime-anywhere HR – One of the more obvious advantages of mobile enabled communication is the opportunity to access HR information and functions 24/7. For a younger workforce that grew up online, this is an expectation.  For workers trying to obtain a healthy work-life balance, the flexibility to reach HR outside of work hours is valuable.    

Whatever challenges your company is facing or compliance concerns you are trying to tackle, implementing the right technology stack can help bring real solutions to your HR processes. Working with a reputable HR Technology company that offers the flexibility to create custom solutions for your organization is a must have. Having the right team in place to explain the existing processes is also crucial to the success of the implementation, and it is then when your company will see the true benefits of an HR Onboarding and workforce management solution.