Tech Wednesday at Staffing World 2019

Today is “Tech Wednesday” at Staffing World in Las Vegas! Its one of our favorite days during this conference because it highlights some of the latest and greatest in HR technology. We are looking forward to hearing Mike Whitmer’s presentation on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and how it is enhancing HR Technology. His presentation will also cover repetitive task automation which gives HR and staffing teams more time to focus on high-value activities like engaging with customers, pursuing sales leads, and staffing employees.

The Essium team is at booth #338 showing visitors the power of Xenqu, an electronic onboarding and workforce management solution. This AI-powered smart network allows companies to reinvent work processes and revolutionize the employee onboarding experience. Xenqu gives organizations the tools to centralize employee records, reporting, onboarding forms and training documents. Having a mobile feature further simplifies the process by creating flexible work environments and recruit remote workers, HR departments will need to adopt new methods to present company information. With smart workspaces, companies will rely even more on collaborative technologies and software so that employees can work together regardless of location.

What impact can Xenqu have on your HR team?

TIME. The most immediate benefit that HR teams see from Xenqu is the time they save by significantly reducing manual administrative tasks. “Intelligent Bots” run continuous data audits on employee records to ensure compliance at all times.  Workflow management processes are also simplified creating a high level of accuracy and efficiency in all areas of workforce management.  Here are a few other areas where Xenqu can help make manual HR tasks a little lighter:


Email and spreadsheets don’t close the loop on gathering actual audit-proof data demonstrating compliance when it comes to credential tracking and expiration dates. Xenqu can be custom designed to identify the credentials required for each job and match it up with each employee who performs that job. Process automation automatically tracks credentials and expiration dates sending out notifications when expiration dates are approaching. The process is further streamlined when the expiration date is reached and a human counterpart is automatically notified to intervene to ensure current credentials are obtained for full compliance.


Xenqu ensures that the remote I-9 process is completed efficiently and accurately by requiring the user to complete all fields in the form and then automatically pushing it through to subsequent forms creating a high level of accuracy.  E-Verify automatically transmits data from the employee’s Form I-9 and employee verification form to compares an employee’s information against millions of Homeland Security government records. Results are returned within as little as three to five seconds.


Xenqu creates a fast and efficient onboarding experience by ensuring that all required forms are accurately uploaded and documents are instantly verified using photo-match technology. Photo IDs and other proof documents uploaded during the I-9 process are then available in the system for use in other onboarding functions. The onboarding process is further streamlined by pushing I-9 data to subsequent forms removing the need to provide duplicate information and ensuring a high level of efficiency and accuracy.


Xenqu gives organizations the tools to automate manual tasks and the ability to track employee files, eliminating the room for error and increases compliance & accuracy by providing a digital solution for every process. Process automation ensures that personnel files are completed quickly and efficiently and are accurate upon completion. The onboarding process is quick and easy using pre-loaded federal, state, and local forms and notices required during the new hire process. 

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