What Exactly is AI and what does it have to do with HR?

There is a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days. Industry leaders use it to identify the latest in smart technologies and bloggers use it as a trendy buzzword. Some everyday folks might think of AI as fictional robots that could take over the human race. 

Regardless of how you define it, there is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is the future. It’s the future of how we do business, it’s the future of how we solve complex problems and ultimately, it’s changing the way we interact as humans.  This part may sound a little sci-fi but there is a definite trend towards human interaction using AI…hence, the smart phone. 

Human Resource Management is perhaps one of the more ironic ways that AI is used.  An internal team whose sole purpose is to manage and support the human side of business, are now utilizing artificial intelligence to reduce administrative tasks and create a high level of compliance. 

AI Defined:

According to Techopedia, “Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines”. Perhaps the most impressive part of AI is the “Machine Learning” element. The premise of AI is to understand user intentand predicatively provide suggested behavior or take action.  The goal is to make technology more accessible and improve productivity.

So with all of that techy-talk, the question still remains, how is AI impacting the business world, and more specifically, how is it changing the world of HR? 

“Historically, Human Resources has had nothing to do with technology. “

The biggest impact that AI has on business is that it gives us greater insight into market trends, customer habits and overall customer engagement.  This allows business leaders to make better-informed business decisions using real data collected by …you guessed it. Machines

Here are some surprising ways we use AI in our everyday lives (and you may not even know it!):

  • Google – If you have ever “Googled” anything then you have utilized predictive analytics (AI technology).
  • Email Filters– If you have ever had an email hit your “spam box” then you have witnessed AI working for you.
  • Social Media– If you have any kind of social media account, then you have encountered some of the most powerful algorithms used AI technology today. 
  • Mobile Banking– Mobile banking apps analyze account information and click patterns to personalize alerts.  If you have ever used one of these apps, then you have used AI technology to manage personal financial tasks. 
  • Maps and Directions – If you have ever pulled up directions on your phone or auto dashboard, that’s AI at work. 
  • Commercial Flights – If you have ever flown on a commercial airline, you have encountered many levels of AI, from online booking to check-in to the aircraft cockpit controls.  All of it requires a high level of AI technology. 

Outside of everyday tasks, the question still remains: How is Artificial Intelligence used in HR?  Historically, Human Resources has had nothing to do with technology.  It is an area that was created to nurture the human side of business. Somehow over the last quarter century, technology has become more and more prevalent and is now driven by the demand for information. 

AI gives HR managers many things; data, peace of mind, organization, and efficiency. But more than anything, AI has given them more time

  • Time to focus on “people analytics” which provides tools to measure and improve employee satisfaction and overall “happiness”. 
  • Time to train employees and perform tasks that keep their organization compliant at all times.  
  • Time to Impact their workforce in a positive way. 

AI is also very good at developing predictive analytics used for recruiting, staffing and professional development. This has been at the forefront of HR technology over the last few years and will continue to grow as AI gets smarter. 

We will leave you with a quote that we believe sums up the benefits of using AI in HR in today’s world of technology: 

“As we can see in the examples of recruitment and onboarding, rather than reducing the “human” experience in Human Resources, artificial intelligence can actually accentuate it. A far more personalized experience is created when AI can identify and anticipate an individual employee’s needs.” (source: AIBusiness.com)