Three Keys to Effective HR Tech Solutions

Have you ever gotten a new technology gadget that comes with so many features that you’ll never use? Whether it’s a phone, smart watch, computer, or some home device, features and solutions are available all around us.

When it comes to HR Tech, it’s no different, as there are solutions, apps, and technological platforms for many of the important HR functions. But when it comes to needed solutions, you don’t want a bunch of features that you’ll never use, yet still have to pay for in a bundled package. And as a busy HR professional, you also don’t have the time to learn every bit of latest technology that rolls out.  

So what should you be looking for in your HR Tech solutions? Here are 3 keys to making sure you find solutions that are effective and productive:



There’s the old acronym K.I.S.S. which means “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Einstein said, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Technology pushes the envelope on what is possible, and sometimes it makes things really complicated. User interfaces and experiences are not always friendly, and the time required to not only learn the process, but then continue it, can be cumbersome and inefficient. If you’re working with automation, setting up your “rules” shouldn’t be brain surgery.

Quite simply (see what I did there?), find systems that are simple to use. They can still be highly intelligent and powerful systems, but top-notch solutions have taken the complicated and made it simple. Process automation is a time-saving element of reducing the administrative burden of HR tasks, and is a greatest benefit to HR teams. Many of these functions can be leveraged with a single click, creating a high level of productivity, accuracy, and efficiency for your organization.



Of course you want a smart solution, but not all solutions are created equal. While process automation can be a simple function, it also ensures a high level of accuracy and worry-free compliance in the new world of HR technology. Intelligent automation is a game-changer. “Intelligent Bots” can run continuous data audits on personnel files, ensuring compliance at all times. Automated processes also perform field-level tracking in areas most important to your organization such as license expiration dates and regulatory policy changes.

Pre-built electronic forms and audit-ready reporting make compliance easier to achieve than ever before. Automated features can ensure global compliance by tracking employee records and notifying HR of license expirations and changing compliance requirements. Onboarding is streamlined with simple-to-follow dashboard integrations, and pre-loaded forms can be customized by your HR team. Once completed, information is pushed to subsequent forms removing the need to provide duplicate information. These are all real world examples of a solution that can be found in our Xenqu Smart HR Technology.



The 3rd key to an effective HR Tech solution is that it be a complete solution. What do I mean by complete? I mean a system that integrates all of the important HR functions needed for your organization, without having to utilize multiple systems. Multiple HR solutions are a recipe for disaster, creating compliance gaps, and ultimately costing you more money.

Multiple solutions mean more money and less efficiency, two important things for any HR professional. There are plenty of solutions that also have a one-size-fits-all mentality, and these are typically the solutions that have features you don’t need, but you have to pay for them because they are included. Finding a solution, like our Xenqu platform, gives you the opportunity to customize your process, giving you only the features that you need, while generating higher productivity, maintaining compliance, AND saving you money!


As we continue to expand in our understanding and growth of AI, what is possible will continue to grow. More solutions and opportunities will make their way to the front. But in all of it, remember that you have the power to choose what works best for you and your organization. Keep it simple, make sure it’s smart, and look for the complete solution for what you need.


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