3 Keys to Buying HR Tech

The HR Tech space is flooded with new solutions and possibilities, and the continuous growth of technology like AI can make systems that were purchased 6 months ago essentially outdated. The choices for HR professionals can be overwhelming, and many times, even confusing.

If you’re still using record-based systems for your compliance, onboarding, and other processes, there is no doubt a better way for you to close the gaps and make your processes more effective and efficient. But how do you do that without having to invest large sums of money into multiple solutions?

Before you go to your next conference expo and see the latest technology available, consider these 3 keys to buying HR Tech:


There are many options for cloud-based, or SaaS solutions in the marketplace, and there are several reasons:

  • Little need for paper, or even go paperless!
  • Easy access to documentation and records from anywhere
  • Backed-up files assure protecting important records
  • Updates/Upgrades to software are made available via internet

Just like any operating system on your computer, today’s most efficient cloud-based solutions offer updates and upgrades via the internet. Instead of having to purchase the latest version to an out-of-date software, true cloud-based solutions make sure that your systems are always up-to-date with the developers latest updates.

The biggest value of being cloud-based is the ability to access information. When ICE comes knocking for an audit, you want to be able to access your I-9s right away, and don’t want to get caught having to look through boxes of paper, hoping that you have every employee’s I-9 in your possession.


There are record-based solutions (PDF, spreadsheets, file sharing, email, etc.), and there are content-centric systems. Record-based systems don’t communicate, they simply hold records. Content-centric systems not only keep records, they also “push out” content via artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, in order to assure that processes are followed and completed.

With the use of chatbots or intelligent robots, a system can take over much of the needed communication required to properly onboard a new hire. For instance, a chatbot can communicate with a new hire, assuring that all forms are filled out appropriately, and on time. It can then alert or communicate with HR when a new employee has completed a required process. It can also remind an HR manager on the next steps in a process, helping to facilitate completion and compliance.

And speaking of compliance: Record-based systems leave vulnerable gaps in the compliance process. Spreadsheets require a lot of human effort to update and assure accuracy. But even if they are updated and accurate, they require another level of communication between parties to assure compliance is being met all the way across the board. As an example, it’s much more efficient to offer sexual harassment training online, via your platform. When the employee has finished the training, he or she can then take a test that validates their comprehension. They can then sign their acknowledgement document, and all of that information can be held in one place in their files, in the cloud. This guarantees that all the steps have been followed, all of the information is accessible, and it also removes the gaps in compliance challenges.


Find a solution that you can customize for the benefit of your own company and needs. There are many solutions that offer a “one-size fits all” system, however, you end up paying money for components that you don’t need and won’t ever use.

Customizable solutions can allow you to integrate other systems, saving you time and money. For instance, our Xenqu compliance platform can integrate Paychex, Bullhorn, I-9 E-verify, and more. When you are able to customize and integrate the processes you need into one system, you save money and time.

I think the key in customization is to find a solution that offers the latest in technology, as well as the element of human expertise, and fantastic service. We work with each of our clients by first listening and understanding what their needs are. Next, we develop a strategy, and then customize the platform to meet the specific needs of their processes.

The combination of technology and humans helps us to create a powerful system that produces compliance with efficiency, while saving money!