Stick and Prove: The Sport of HR Compliance

Effective HR processes are integral to the success of HR professionals in all areas of business. From onboarding and beyond, compliance is a non-negotiable. At every turn, companies are responsible for assuring that their systems deliver the results that protect their employees, management, and their profitability.

It doesn’t matter the size of your business, if you’re open for business, you must maintain compliance on a myriad of issues. Here is a list of some of the areas requiring compliance:

  • Onboarding and Orientation
  • Benefits Administration
    • Cobra
    • PTO
    • ACA or Health Care
  • Workplace Safety and Training
  • Work Authorization and Visa Management
  • License and Credential Management
  • Conduct Policy Compliance
  • FMLA Tracking and Compliance

While the list above is not comprehensive, it does note some of the areas that require time, effort, and money to maintain compliance.

The hallmark of any HR process requires that you deliver on what you say you will/must do, and then, that you can prove that you have delivered on your requirement. This is the essence of compliance. Local, state, and federal regulations demand compliance on everything from properly filling out an I-9 form to conducting proper training on your company’s conduct policy.

With new employees joining your company at different times, it’s an imperative that your systems remain consistent for each individual. And after each process that requires compliance considerations, it’s imperative that you can verify that compliance has been met.

Your HR processes must have two important elements that deliver the ability to: Stick and Prove…


Consistency is a must, as it provides the same process to each employee, guaranteeing that your entire workforce has been through a pre-determined set of parameters that fulfill compliance. Your HR processes have to STICK…they have to be consistent…the same. In other words, the key to your compliance processes is the ability to do the same thing, over and over again. Of course laws and regulations change, and if you’re plugged in to a good cloud-based solution, updates within your processes can be stress-free. However, your system needs to deliver the same results, for each process, and for each employee, every single time. It doesn’t matter if it’s onboarding, or your company’s sexual harassment training, it needs to work like a machine.


The other element in your compliance process is the ability to PROVE compliance. When ICE comes knocking on the door to verify your workforce, you want to make sure that your I-9s are first filled out correctly, and second, that they are easily accessible. Trying to find individual I-9 forms in employee folders is a recipe for disaster. Aside from being able to locate the forms, finding the forms to be incomplete or missing information can lead to multiple fines, on EACH form not properly filled.

There’s no hotter topic in business right now than sexual harassment. As a business, it’s critical to meet mandates on sexual harassment training, and to be able to verify that each and every employee has completed the latest training, and has demonstrated knowledge of the issue that protects both the employer and other employees. For example, using our Xenqu technology, you can provide sexual harassment training online. There are a series of steps that provide time-stamped evidence of video training being reviewed, along with a follow-up “test” that verifies comprehension. Follow that with a signed document that serves as acknowledgement from the employee, and you have a system that can prove:

  • What the content was
  • When they watched it
  • Their comprehension of the training
  • Their signed acknowledgment

And the beauty of all of this proof, is that is maintained in the cloud, never lost, and easily accessible when needed.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to HR processes. We think we have one of the state-of-the-art systems in our Xenqu compliance platform, and it’s why we have been named one of 2018’s “Most Innovative Technology Tools to Reshape Your Staffing Business”.

Does your compliance system STICK? Does it PROVE? Stick and prove…stick and prove.