How Content-Centric Systems Solve Compliance Problems

Compliance is big business in businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, compliance to local, state, and federal laws is a requirement. HR professionals typically understand where their company is at risk, but the challenge is in knowing how to remove the risks with the systems they have in place. As I’ve written before, the typical solutions to eliminating gaps and risk in compliance challenges usually involves using email, file sharing, and spreadsheets. However, these solutions still perpetuate gaps, although in a different form, as they are unable to include content that is needed to assure compliance processes are completed accurately or in a timely manner. The key to your compliance challenges is to content-centric systems, leveraging today’s technology of automation, intelligent forms, and AI to remove the risk for your company. These systems are cloud-based, customizable, and provide the content necessary to achieve compliance on everything from background checks, to ACA compliance, and even to training your employees on sexual harassment in the workplace. Compliance regulations are everywhere, but risk doesn’t have to be. Here is how content-centric systems solve compliance problems consistently and reliably: CONTENT This of course is the first portion of the name sake “content-centric” system. The content encapsulates the documentation and data necessary for compliance. While record-based systems have screens for information to be entered, they lack the necessary content that must go out to employees, HR, and management to assure compliance. PROCESS The process assures that all responsible parties are assigned, and that they complete tasks in order, and on time. The process assures accuracy and consistency, two essential hallmarks of effective compliance platforms. COMMUNICATE The content pushed through the process provides communication that ensures everyone is aware of their tasks, and it fosters discussion related to a task. The communication is also consistent, and is present in the system until an action is completed and verified, therefore assuring that the information is not missed or forgotten SCHEDULE The schedule validates that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. Reminders pushed through the system help to keep the process on track, assuring that required steps are completed. A content-centric system provides everything you need to remove risk from your compliance issues. Using intelligent automation, the system makes sure that all of the steps required for compliance are followed to completion, even communicating next steps and assuring that none are skipped. This communication happens via the customization specific to your company, and executes the same way…every time. These systems don’t require HR or management to remember to communicate specific things to specific employees, because the intelligent “bots” do the work of communicating the content, and assuring that the process is fulfilled accurately, and on time. A Content-Centric system is your solution to today’s compliance challenges.