A Comprehensive Solution to HR Open Enrollment Challenges

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to believe that we’re already into the 2nd quarter of 2018. And while the weather keeps jumping from hints of Spring to full-on Winter, time marches on in our businesses. If you’re like most HR professionals, the seasons of being busy never go away, and that’s why we’re here to help you find solutions that alleviate your stress, creating efficient and powerful systems that lead to employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

We’ve talked to many of our customers over the last several months, and we continue to find many of the same challenges for companies, regardless of size or niche. One of the first problems that I’ll discuss is the process surrounding Open Enrollment. Open enrollment is a time that can be daunting for many human resources professionals, and it can be incredibly difficult for employers to keep up-to-date on the many changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and additional health care laws. And while you may just now be getting your breath again from the end of 2017, we all know the cycle will kick in again in a few short months, so let’s see if we can’t provide a little running start into the possibility of an efficient end of year.

It’s crucial for companies of all sizes to prepare and make sure their organizations are mitigating risks and staying compliant during open enrollment season. Doing so will aid in avoiding legal fees and costly fines that could potentially affect an organization for years to come.

So what’s the PROBLEM with Open Enrollment?

Organizing all the details on plan options and updates is time consuming and results in a tight timeline to distribute materials, collect enrollment options from employees, and aggregate everything together to submit participant information to providers.

Most Open Enrollments last 2-4 weeks, and placed at the end of the year, this process occurs in addition to budgets for the following fiscal year, year-end reviews, onboarding of new employees beginning in the new year, and more. Throw in the holidays, and we see why this is such a challenging time and process for HR.

Ok, so what’s the SOLUTION?

Essium’s Xenqu solution enables delivering content about a company’s plan options, fillable worksheets, and enrollment forms with built-in logic to ensure accurate completion. Questions and answers can be managed inside the tools and reports provide enrollment status and all information collected on the forms. Essium’s solution enables an end-to-end solution for managing benefits information, enrollment, and data aggregation to submit to providers. The whole process is streamlined and our expert support team backs up a company’s administration team to ensure a smooth rollout and execution.

Open enrollment can be a hectic time, but having an efficient process like Xenqu can be a big help in ensuring compliance. We combine the power of intelligent automation with really smart humans, thus setting your company up to succeed. Contact us today for a demo of Xenqu!