Why 2018 is the Year of Robots and People in HR

We’re just days away from 2018, and what a year 2017 has been! We’ve seen so many HR professionals over the last year make the jump into effective onboarding practices, in hopes of protecting their extraordinary work of recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent. The work of HR professionals has never been more important, as people have unprecedented access to information that can be leveraged to better their business. Competition still rules the day in business markets around the globe, and the desire and need for the “right” team is crucial.

2017 was tabbed to be the breakout year for companies to invest in cloud-based onboarding solutions. While we’re still awaiting final results, there is no question that HR is jumping on the technological advancements that are designed to help find and keep the talent that companies need to succeed.

We’re just at the beginning of what is to come of digital HR solutions, and we’re prepared for the continued growth into 2018. There seems to be an app for everything, and it seems that there are solutions everywhere, even solutions to problems we don’t even have. The key in this technological revolution is to understand that an ideal solution for HR pros will include the power of both humans and robots (or artificial intelligence). For so long, the struggle of HR has been to take care of all their responsibilities with a system that is anchored in paper and extraordinary human effort. Some of today’s technological solutions espouse the automation of processes that require little to no human touch, and we don’t find this to be a reasonable alternative for most HR professionals.

We understand that some people just need automation. Staffing companies often have a unique and diverse set of requirements that require organization and compliance. Other companies need nuanced variations of remaining compliant, while also being able to engage employees in a way that requires human interaction. Finding a solution that integrates the best of technology, while maintaining crucial human touch points is truly the best of both worlds that provides a complete solution.

For example, leveraging real-time chatbots allows you the opportunity to make sure that your new hires have a method of communication from anywhere at anytime. While this may be maintained through intelligent automation, it also provides a very real human connection of being able to communicate with your new employee. It also provides you essential information in knowing what your new hire needs.

Constantly evolving regulations on both the state and federal level are enough to keep HR professionals awake at night, especially with such heavy fines tied to non-compliance. The stretch of human resources today extends from hiring to bringing a new employee to being a fully engaged and productive team member. There is no solution that can automate this entire process. Even with that understanding, the challenge of keeping up with the latest technologies is enough to overwhelm any person, even those who are tech savvy.

The entire point to digital solutions for HR is to unleash human power, by unleashing the technologies that create the space for humans to work. Leadership never goes out of style. Vision is always important. The physical and mental well-being of employees is critical. There are things that management and leadership must do, and finding solutions that help you accomplish that is the key, without feeling like you’re giving up your unique skill set and talent.

Even within our own solution, we unleash our army of robots on your onboarding process to give you a STESS-FREE experience. That may sound like an oxymoron, but it really is what we do. However, our secret sauce is in the combination of what our human team brings to the table, along with the power of AI. We leverage our revolutionary technology, but we maintain that human element of customer service, as we listen to what you need. We provide training, and true partnership in creating a solution that fits your specific situation. We recognize the power of when technology meets human talent, and we understand that it’s the very thing that you need as you interact with your employees.

Here’s to a great 2018!