The Oxymoron of Stress-Free Onboarding  

Just as fast as technology continues to evolve, so come the statistics that overwhelmingly support the role of effective onboarding for businesses and organizations. With a pervasive skills gap throughout the global workforce, an increasing movement toward remote workers, new health care initiatives, and ever-increasing compliance requirements, it’s a daunting task to recruit, hire, and then retain top talent.

Onboarding processes used to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants set of activities that HR professionals and managers did to help their new hires get started at their new job. It was an activity that often got lost in a mound of paper, as a new employee filled out I-9s, health insurance, company agreements, and more. A quick tour around the office introduced the newbie to his or her fellow employees, office, coffee machine, and the bathroom.

As both state and federal regulations on employers have increased, so have the penalties and fines that result from a company’s failure to meet compliance requirements, as Pennsylvania-based tree clearing company, Asplundh Tree Experts, Co. has recently discovered. (95 million reasons why compliance matters)

With companies now working to intentionally build powerful cultures, an extraordinary amount of time, money, and human resources is being spent to increase retention. With the dismal numbers on employee engagement and lost productivity, and subsequent loss of money for companies, employers are in a desperate search for an effective way to engage employees to productivity. Every one of these points mentioned is today tied to the onboarding process. Needless to say, there is a herculean effort required of HR personnel to run and maintain an effective onboarding program.

Here is a list of responsibilities that HR professionals face in today’s onboarding process: Recruiting, hiring, compliance, training, engagement, productivity, retention, and culture. Did I miss anything? I know that’s not the entire scope of what an HR professional does, but it does point out the highlights of the process that they must oversee just to give an employee his best shot at being productive and staying at a company for at least 3 years. Let’s face it, onboarding is stressful, and the idea that it could be “Stress-Free” is an oxymoron at the very least, and more seemingly, an impossible scenario… or maybe at least in the way that you may know it.

Even if you’ve gone paperless, and are using technology to orchestrate your onboarding process, most programs require multiple systems that keep HR and new employees jumping from one system to the next in order to complete everything needed.

The cutting-edge of modern onboarding is being developed in the clouds. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, there is…catch this…an opportunity for companies to have a STRESS-FREE onboarding experience. We have a fleet of intelligent robot actors who are designed to learn your process and assist in running various onboarding tasks, allowing you to focus on engaging and assimilating your new employees into your organization.

We have incorporated intelligent automation into a mobile-first approach, allowing our team of bots to keep track of the process, all while maintaining strict compliance. No matter how diverse your set of requirements, we can customize the experience to fit your specific process, all the while providing you the expertise and service from our team of humans. We think we provide the ultimate solution with both robot and human interaction, exactly where and when you need it.

Our Xenqu onboarding compliance platform manages multiple processes to bring a streamlined efficiency. Our army of intelligent software robots automate many tasks to enable consistent and efficient management of your onboarding processes, and then leverage predictive analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your onboarding program. PRYDE’s processes are electronic, organized, and EASY to use!

Here is a list of some of the services we offer through our robot fleet:



Just think of all the things you could do to move your career and company forward by unleashing our team of intelligent bots on your onboarding process. Find some peace of mind, and let us help you take the stress out of onboarding! Request your demo of our Xenqu platform, today!