Intelligent Robots-The Present Reality of HR

We raise robots. No, seriously. You know, the intelligent kind that can do things for you. Yes, we heard about the bots at Facebook who started their own language, freaked out the developers, and then got shut down. Some aspects of AI (artificial intelligence) can get a little spooky, especially when you truly begin to understand the things they can do. Truth be told, our intelligent bots are pretty smart, and they can do some pretty spectacular things. But no worries, our robots won’t be taking over the world anytime soon, or at least that’s what they’ve told us… (enter nervous smile emoji here).

In all seriousness though, we’ve created a system to take the stress out of onboarding for HR professionals and managers. The days of paper onboarding are gone. In fact, the days of not having an actual onboarding process are gone. Two birds, one stone. The digital age is upon us with the proverbial cloud in the sky that hovers over us raining down information at the touch of a button. And this is where we enter the picture.

Our Xenqu HR Software Solution is truly state-of-the-art. With a mobile-first approach that allows your new hires to complete many phases of the onboarding process from anywhere via smartphone or tablet, we have developed a customizable system that improves hiring, engagement, productivity, retention, and profitability. Seems like that’s reason enough to take a look at what we can do for you.

Our intelligent robot actors are designed to learn your process and assist in running various onboarding tasks, allowing you to focus on engaging and assimilating your new employees into your organization. In other words, our bots do what they can do, so you can do…human things, like provide leadership and vision for the future of your staff and company.

In what areas can Xenqu help you?


Harnesses an army of intelligent software robots to automate many tasks to enable consistent and efficient management of your onboarding processes. Deploy your staff to handle human tasks requiring intuition, creativity, and adaptability.


Devise a holistic approach to onboarding involving the whole organization with centralized information key to each team member’s role. Focus on communication and experience with a well-orchestrated process from placement to first-day and beyond.


Leverage predictive analytics to evaluate the effectiveness of your onboarding program. Connect the dots between various statistics including recruiting effort, tenure, time-to-proficiency, and revenue-per-employee, and assign real value to your processes.

Perhaps it’s best to simply introduce our robots to you, so you can put a “face” to our process.



The Team Captain. Coordinates the interaction of all the other bots using expert rules to evaluate and trigger actions.


Deploys to provide real-time chat support on any topic. Engages new hires immediately when they ask questions or need help.


Validates images and documents match expectations. Advanced vision processing learns from example and immediately flags mismatches.


Orders, monitors, and reports background checks and drug tests across any number of service providers.


Coordinates the entire I9/EVerify process including support for remote workers, TNC management, and document expirations.


Facilitates screening new hires for tax credit eligibility and any necessary follow-ups.


Seamlessly transitions from recruiting a candidate to initiating the hiring process.


Distributes information, monitors eligibility, enables enrollment, and moves data to the provider.


Gathers all the data entered and manages employee profiles keeping data synchronized over time.

Xenqu is one platform with many processes. You can find the applications that help manage the many facets of HR here. While we’ve talked exclusively about our robots here, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the support, consulting, and partnership you receive from our team (of humans). We don’t just hand you a manual and then go feed the bots. We help you customize our platform to your process. We provide insight and direction into the options available to you, while also helping you determine best practices for your onboarding process. We take your process, add our platform, and generate limitless possibilities. We’d love to show you what Xenqu can do for you. Request your demo, and meet our team of robots…TODAY!